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Pictures of old barns - Barn wood! Oooooh, the things we could make from these barns.

This new photo gallery contains only original pictures of old Oklahoma barns. As it is new, there are only a few images at this time, but check back with us for we are gradually adding new photos. Click on images for larger photo, but be aware, some images are rather large and may take a few seconds to display.

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pictures of old barns
Great looking barn, but I don't believe the owner is ready to give this one up.


Old grey barn
This barn is perfect, let the work begin.

This barn is also a prime target. So are those turkey in the lower right hand corner of this picture.

Grand old barn
This is a huge grand old barn with years of service left for it's owners.

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With these pictures of old barns we hope to stir your imagination as to the type of rustic furniture we create. It is hard to imagine that the lumber in some of these old barns can be of any value at all. However, I assure you, a large percentage of the lumber is as solid as the day it was first nailed to the barn. It is amazing how just underneath the rough weathered exterior, is a vibrant, colorful, and sturdy lumber, just as it appeared the day it was cut. This is the hand selected wood we use in all of our barnwood furniture, birdhouses, planters and more. So, please visit our on-line store. If you have a request for a special or custom-made item please do not hesitate to ask. Simply e-mail us at rshawcross@cox.net and we will be glad to help.


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